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Permit to use vehicles that are in good conditions. To provide good management about vehicles. Regulate passenger transport services and goods carriage services by motor vehicles on the western province road systems.



To provide for the licencing of motor vehicles regulation of passsenger carrage services and transport of good by motor vehicles within the Western Province


Functions & Duties

Key Functions

  1. Issue of revenue licenses for the motor vehicles within the province.
  2. Co-ordinating with Divisional Secretary offices and providing subsidiary Services
  3. Maintain of Information relating to the issue of licenses.
  4. Promoting the function of Issuing license more formally and efficient.
  5. Functions relating to the regulation of passenger carriage services and transport of goods within the province
  6. General Administration financial control and establishment services of the Department

Other Duties of Motor Traffic Commissioner’s office
  1. Execution of Regulation according to Statues and Procedure for making Regulations.
  2. Orders and Instructions issue under the Statute.
  3. Issue Motor Vehicle Revenue License in Colombo City limits.
  4. Provide Motor Vehicle License and other necessary documents to the Divisional Secretariat offices.
  5. Collecting income Revenue license and inspecting duties in Divisional Secretariat offices.
  6. Issuing fitness certificates for commercial Vehicles and registering suitable garages by giving necessary Instructions.
  7. Issuing conductor License for Motor Coachers.
  8. Collecting income under the Motor Traffic Statute.
  9. Execute and implementation suggestions of the transport instruction Committee.

Commissioner’s Message

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