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Issue Revenue License

  1. When the vehicle registration book lost?
    Should bring certified MTA-11 form and original CMT-52 receipt from Department of Motor Traffic, Narahenpita.

  2. When important details missed in the vehicle registration book?
    Should correct the vehicle registration book from Department of Motor Traffic, Narahenpita or contact an our authorized officers.

  3. When the previous revenue license lost or brought a photocopy?
    Should get order from an our authorized officers for issued licenses from our office.
    Should certify previous license details from previous license authority or bring loose-slip from previous license authority for issued license from other authority in western province or other province.

  4. When a necessary document (Insurance/Vet/Fitness or Passenger Service permits) missed or expired?
    Please contact our authorized officers.

Issue Web License
  1. When previous license no was incorrect?
    Should call to an authorized officer.

  2. When your address was incorrect?
    Do not apply to revenue license.

Issue Free License

  1. When a necessary document (Insurance/Vet/Fitness) missed or expired?
    Please contact our authorized officers.

Issue Notice of Non-use
  1. When the valid license gets expired?
    Should get order from commissioner within seven days.

Commissioner’s Message

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