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eRevenue License System as a "Whole-of-Government" or "Connected Government" system!

As per Australian Public Service Commission "Whole of government denotes public service agencies working across portfolio boundaries to achieve a shared goal and an integrated government response to particular issues. Approaches can be formal and informal. They can focus on policy development, program management and service delivery."
In brief when two or more government organizations work together to provide a solution to provide a better service, it can be termed as “whole-of-Government” approach.
Motor Traffic Act which is implemented by Dept of Motor Traffic (DMT) makes it necessary for every vehicle owner to obtain the revenue license for driving their vehicles on Sri Lanka roads. Many countries refer to this as “Road Tax”. However the responsibilities issuance the license and collecting the tax has been delegated to provincial Dept of Motor Traffic by the 13th amendment to the constitution. Moreover the registration of motor vehicles is also a responsibility of the Dept of Motor Traffic of the central government.

If you buy a vehicle (as in many cases, a second hand vehicle) you need to transfer the ownership of the vehicle from Dept of Motor Traffic of the central government. But before you drive it off, you need to get the revenue license from the provincial Dept of Motor Traffic. If you are living in Colombo you have to go to DMT office in Narahenpita to get the ownership transferred and Provincial DMT Office in Maligawattha to get the revenue license. Before applying for the revenue license you need to buy a vehicle insurance cover and carry out the vehicle emission test (VET).
So if you have get the ownership of the vehicle transferred, and have a valid insurance and emission test certificate, now you do not need to go to Maligawattha as a “Whole-of-Government” service counter is available at DMT at Narahenpita.

How Lanka Govt Network + Lanka Gate could provide the backbone for whole-of-Gov


This screen shows the data that is brought from 4 various organizations to eRL system

The officers manning this counter use the eRevenue License system which is connected to data bases of both DMTs at Narahenpita and Maligawatta. Not only that it is connected to data bases of 9 insurance companies and 2 VET companies. Not only that, since the system is connected to 40 DSs in western province you can go to any of the DSs and get the revenue license. If you are an Internet and mobile user, you can go to Country Portal or to the mobile portal to get your eRevenue License.

This is why eRL is called a “whole-of-Govt” and a “Connected Govt” solution.


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