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On The Wheel Project

Vehicle parking is a major problem to protection the vehicles, people who are coming to obtain licenses. It’s a doubt may be shortage of vehicle part or can be lose the vehicle. So people will get third party obtain a license.

It’s very big headache for public who came to the office. To prevent all these circumstance introduce the On the Wheel Project. It gets success to prevent all the brokers’ involvements.

This project started on 25th July 2007 hence people don’t want to park the vehicle. The can get license driving though on the wheel within 2 minuets.

This on the wheel project, 2nd stage commenced on 28th February 2008.


Commissioner’s Message

We, at Department of Motor Traffic (Weston Province) fervently present you website to ensure our clientele a speed service with quality and accuracy we’ve already over whelmed our clientele with wonder through modern computer technology by serving ... Read More.