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Computer Branch

Head of Branch : Mr. E.K.K.Chamaka
Designation : Development Officer

Main Functions & Duties of computer branch:

  • Enter license details those come from other provinces.
  • Taking print outs for daily counter details and summary details (Dally, Monthly, Yearly).
  • Maintain and installation vehicle program to divisional secretariats.
  • Maintain service agreements for servers, computers, UPS and monitors.

Revenue -2 Branch

Head of Branch : Mrs. J.P.P.D.Krishanthika
Designation : Manegment Assistant

Main Functions & Duties of Revenue -2 branch:

  • Issuing loose slip.
  • Preparing vouchers.
  • Refund of license fees.
  • Issuing Non users certificate.
  • Enter license data to computer 1996 to 2000.
  • Store counter files and other documents.

Administration Branch

Head of Branch : Mr. A.H.Karunathilaka
Designation : Chief Management Assistant

Main Functions & Duties of Administration branch:

  • All administrative executions.
  • Keeping personal files.
  • Issuing conductor licenses.
  • Implement new projects to upgrading this department
  • Enter license data to computer 1996 to 2000.

Accounts Branch

Head of Branch : Mrs. W.A.S.Gunathilaka
Designation : Financial Assistant

Main Functions & Duties of Accounts branch:

  • Preparing, paying salaries and keeping accounts.
  • Paying vouchers and keeping accounts.
  • Estimate earning and expenditure.
  • Keeping statistical records on number of vehicles and other statics.
  • Calling tenders, answering audit inquiries.
  • Send accounts reports to chief secretary.
  • Keep account summaries and Bank reconcilation statement.
  • Allocating provisions for Divisional secretary offices.

Revenue -1Branch

Head of Branch : Mr. K.N.Weerarathne
Designation : Management Assistant

Main Functions & Duties of Revenue -1 branch:

  • Issuing revenue licenses.
  • Keeping relevant documents orderly and update them.
  • Deposit daily collection.
  • Paying cash of Department.
  • Issuing trade licenses.
  • Collecting cash from conductor license, non users, vouchers and fitness books.

Lost RevenueBranch

Head of Branch : Mrs. T.N.D.Fernando
Designation : Management Assistant

Main Functions & Duties of Lost Revenue branch:

  • Collecting lost revenue.
  • Post license areas details to vehicle owners.



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