Issue of  Free License

Free Licences are issued to:

  1. Vehicles that belong to the Sri Lankan government or a Provincial Council in Sri Lanka
  2. Vehicle which belongs to a foreign diplomat who is in Sri Lanka

License Authority is Provincial Motor Traffic Department of Western Province

Documents needed:

  1. Registration Certificate of Vehicle or The Extract containing particulars of the Vehicle issued by the Commissioner of Motor Traffic (CMT-76 or MTA-11 ) or a Certified Photo Copy of the C.R approved by a financial organization.
  2. MTS-2 which is certified by the relevant Head of Department or Head of Institution.
  3. Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy Certificates.
  4. Fitness Certificates for Commercial Vehicles.
  5. Valid Emission certificate

*Certificate of Insurance (not mandatory)

*MTS-2 form should be presented when there is no valid Insurance Certificate.

*MTS-2 form should be certified by the vehicle owner or the Head of the Institution using the official signature and official seal.