Issue of Non User License

The request must be submitted in writing before the valid license expires.

Circumstances in which Non User Licences are issued:

  1. Obtaining new notice of non-user, if vehicle will not be used in the next year or time period
  2. If a license has been obtained for the next year, but the vehicle will not be used  in the next year (Can refund license fees)
  3. Renewal of obtained notice of non-user


  1. Use WP-8-Form
  2. Vehicle Registered Certificate
  3. Previous year’s Revenue License or Notice of non-user

Charges for notice of non-use

Vehicle Type/Class For 06 Months For 12 Months
Motor Cycle
Tree Wheels
Motor Tricycle Van
50.00 100.00
Private Coach 
Special Purpose Vehicle
200.00 400.00
Motor Car
Dual Purpose
Land Vehicle
200.00 400.00


  • License Authority should be satisfied about the notice of non-user
  • Notice of Non-user certificate can be obtained continuously for only two years
  • Should be obtained for every vehicle.